Tendering for a project and need terms, purchasing stock and equipment and need to negotiate better prices and you need to bring forward cash flow.

Innovative accelerator funding program will reduce your requirements for working capital, grow your business, and immediately improve your profit.

why use accelerator funding?

  • it can be a zero cost to your business, or even a profit centre
  • it’s 100% flexible
  • it’s immediate funding 
  • it’s to grow your business 
  • it’s the competitive advantage 
  • it will improve your operating margins

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how much will it cost?

tim’s Accelerator program may have a zero cost to your business. In fact, with the smart use of third-party capital, you can immediately improve your profitability. Think what being able to negotiate immediate payment terms to suppliers can do for your business and the cost of supply.

With no upfront fees or property security.

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